Mum of ‘sweet natured’ son killed by offender says ‘possession should mean jail’

A mother whose “sweet natured” son was stabbed to death by a repeat knife offender has called for all blade carriers to be jailed.

Archie Beston, 19, was killed by Tyrone Bryan, 20, who had two previous knife convictions and a caution for carrying an offensive weapon.

Bryan was jailed for 19 years for manslaughter after being cleared of Archie’s murder outside a nightclub in Kingston, south west London.

Archie’s mum Becky, 40, who will lead a march of friends and supporters on Sunday to mark the anniversary of his death, is calling for a change in the law.

She said: “The law should be if you use a knife to take a life you get a life sentence. We also want an automatic five-year sentence if you are caught carrying.”

Archie had been near an incident outside a nightclub on February 29 last year in which Bryan knifed another 19-year old, three times, though he survived.

Archie died six days later.

Becky said: “Archie was sober and was walking back to his car, this could have happened to anyone.

“There’s lots of children this is happening to, the streets are not a safe place any more. We need to unite together to make those carrying knives accountable for their actions.

“Justice for Archie is justice for all.”

Archie was on a night out after his shift as a sales assistant at Marks & Spencer when he was killed.

He was stabbed in the heart by Bryan, whose accomplice Finlay Ahwan, 21, was behind the wheel of a van that he deliberately drove at them.

Ahwan was jailed for seven years after being found guilty of attempted GBH and dangerous driving.

He was sentenced alongside Bryan at Kingston Crown Court last October.

A keen footballer who had been on Brentford and Millwall’s books, he was a volunteer for Macmillan Cancer Support.

His mum, a stylist, said her only child donated his organs and his liver saved a patient’s life.

Those marching on Sunday at 1pm from the Castelnau Recreation Ground in Barnes have been asked to wear something pink.