Mortified mum ‘finds plastic chunk in three-year-old son’s fish fingers’

A mum was horrified to find a piece of plastic in her three-year-old son’s Tesco fish fingers which was the size of a 2p coin.

Noeleen Jones, 40, was cooking dinner for her son Harrison when she discovered the plastic chunk she claims was large enough to lodge in her son’s throat.

The nightmare unfolded after she purchased the 69p box of Hearty Food Co. Fish Fingers at her local Tesco store in Prestwich, Greater Manchester.

As Noeleen was transferring the fish fingers from the baking tray to a plate, she says she was mortified to discover the small piece of plastic had fallen out from one of the fingers.

She said: “I bought the fish fingers in January or February at some point from Tesco’s and have used the brand before.

“The plastic is the size of a 2p piece and I noticed it after cooking the fish fingers.

“As I was transferring them to the plate the plastic fell out of one of the fish fingers.

“It is sizeable and has a very pointed edge, it is hard plastic with the number 2 on it.”

The mum, who works as an international career consultant, took a picture of the piece of plastic and posted the photo to Tesco on Twitter.

In the caption, she said: “So making dinner and found this in my @Tesco fish fingers which were for my three-year-old’s dinner.

“As I was removing the fish fingers from the baking tray the breadcrumb [stuck] and a large piece of plastic sticks out of the fish finger.”

In a separate tweet, she added: “The plastic was large enough to lodge in my child’s throat and cause choking or cuts to his mouth. How does this happen in this day and age with quality control.

“Initial response drive to your local store and get a refund, then £5 voucher. What are your thoughts?”

Tesco has since offered her a £5 voucher as compensation

Responding to her tweet, a Tesco spokesperson said: “I’m really sorry to see this. I understand how concerning this is. I’d like to get this looked into.”

They added: “My colleagues in store will be able to get the correct paper work filled out for this to be looked into. If there’s anything else we can help with, please let us know. I hope you have a lovely evening.”

Noeleen has since informed the Food Standards Authority about the incident and has also reported her local Prestwich store where she believes she purchased the product.

“I’m curious that this kind of thing can happen as we are assured of strict quality controls.

“Other children could be harmed if the plastic is lodged in other batches.

“I’m curious that if I hadn’t have caught this the consequence to my three-year-old’s life could have been catastrophic.”

Tesco confirmed they have issued Noeleen a full refund and will further investigate.

A spokesperson said: “We have strict checks and procedures in place and we believe it is most likely to be a piece of the cardboard packaging which came loose when the box was opened.

“We have issued the customer with a full refund and invite them to return the product to their nearest large store so we can investigate this further.”